What We Can Do to Help

Cryo-Center My Beauty offers clients the opportunity to meet with expert nutritionists that can offer guidance to supplement the miraculous results of our cool-sculpting weight loss therapy options.

Meet with a Nutritionist

While the innovative cool-sculpting treatments available at Cryo-Center My Beauty have the power to transform your body, sustained weight loss and overall health takes a more comprehensive approach. Keeping healthy diet and exercise habits will provide a strong foundation for maintaining your new, healthy body.

Healthy Living Starts in the Kitchen

Maybe you’ve tried to lose weight before, without cool-sculpting, and found that incremental progress is difficult to sustain. Part of this is because it’s just hard to lose weight. Another explanation may be that no matter what method you use to lose the weight, you don’t have the basis of healthy habits to keep it off permanently.

This isn’t your fault. In fact, many people don’t have the nutritional knowledge to support their own weight loss. This can be frustrating for anyone who loses weight through a variety of different methods, but can’t find a way to make their weight loss sustainable.
Zdrava kuhinja - Healthy Kitchen
One way to get lasting results is to rethink your approach to your diet. Many have found out the hard way that fad diets and crash diets don’t work. With the knowledge and guidance needed to build an understanding of healthy eating and the building blocks of nutrition, we can help you lose weight and stay looking and feeling good, no matter what life throws your way.

Proper Nutrition Can Help Complete the Transformation

Zdrava kuhinja - Healthy Kitchen
Cool-sculpting generally targets and removes 20 to 50 percent of excess fat from the body, which for the clients we serve, is incredibly beneficial. You’ll be able to move easier and live life on your terms.
If you’re overweight, we provide nutrition consultation and a personalized nutrition plan. Both are based on your current weight, desired weight, and lifestyle (do you move around a lot? how do you work/cook/etc).

Our diet plan consists of 5 daily meals and includes normal, everyday eating habits, with exception of including foods high in added sugar. This allows you to feel full while ensuring that your metabolism is getting faster and better, which is crucial for eliminating fat cells after cool-sculpting treatments.
This is part of what we call a “personalized eating plan,” a diet that takes your individual habits and struggles into account. We give you a written prescription for your diet — the types of foods you can eat and when you can eat them.

When you use our services, you’ll notice a few things:
  1. You’ll notice that you’re looking and feeling better, which is important both during and after the process of innovative cool-sculpting treatments. This means that you’re achieving real, sustainable results.
  2. You’ll find yourself learning how to make healthy choices in the kitchen. Following a personalized diet gives you more options when it comes time to decide what to eat for dinner, as an example.
  3. Increased energy levels are the immediate benefits of switching to a healthy diet
  4. Your digestion will be improved
  5. You will definitely be ready for the summer season

If you still wondering why to do a cool-sculpting treatment, if you are on a diet anyway, or why should you change your eating habits while you have decided doing a cool-sculpting treatment:

Weight gain or loss in adults is associated with a change in the size of the fat cells – also called Adipocytes – that create fat deposits in the body.

Children, on the other hand, can gain fat by increasing the total number of fat cells in their body. By combining collected data from children, it has been proved that the average number of fat cells increases until the age of 20, then remains relatively constant and is closely associated with the body mass index. Researchers also examined 20 obese individuals undergoing gastric reduction surgery to reduce food intake. When they re-examined these volunteers two years after the procedure, they found no reduction in the number of fat cells: the subjects still had more than 80 billion body fat cells, the team calculated, although they had lost an average of 18% of their weight. Rather, the volume of individual fat cells was reduced, not the number.

Cool-sculpting solves the problem of an increased number of fat cells, by using modern cooling technology leading to apoptosis (natural death of cells), therefore, it eliminates them naturally. If a person practices an unhealthy diet after treatment, fat cells that are not treated may increase (by storing fat) and the effect of cool-sculpting will not be seen or will increase fat deposits on untreated parts of the body as it is known after liposuction.

Cool-sculpting is extremely helpful if you’re on diet, because it enables you to eliminate the most complicated areas during treatment. When you are on diet, you might be losing weight in the wrong areas. Maybe you’d like to eliminate your belly but you are not succeeding, and lose mostly on legs and arms. That belly fat can be reduced and even eliminated using cool-sculpting.