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Cryo-Center My Beauty offers clients the opportunity to meet with expert nutritionists that can offer guidance to supplement the miraculous results of our cool-sculpting weight loss therapy options.

Meet with a Nutritionist

COOLSCULPTING/CRYOLIPOLYSIS is a treatment for elimination of localized fat deposits and is most effective in people with normal to slightly increased BMI (Body Mass Index) and localized fat deposits. When it comes to low to medium fat deposits, no major changes in diet are needed to achieve visible and satisfactory results with a small number of treatments.

People who are overweight, therefore have a high BMI, which leads to a high percentage of body fat, especially people with a high percentage of visceral fat, individual and professionally monitored dietary changes are advised.

Losing excess weight requires a comprehensive approach. Healthy eating habits are the basis for maintaining your new, healthy body.

A healthy life begins in the kitchen

You may have tried to lose weight before cryolipolysis treatment and concluded that you are giving up quickly, that is, that you cannot maintain constant progress. You have realized that it is difficult to lose weight and maintain it permanently.

It is possible that no matter which method you use, you do not have healthy habits to reach the desired weight and then permanently maintain the results. Moguće je i da ste probali tretman kriolipolize a zbog velikog viška kilograma i pogrešne ishrane rezultati nisu mogli da dođu do izražaja.

This is not your fault. In fact, many people do not have enough knowledge about nutrition to support their own weight loss. This can be frustrating for anyone who loses weight through various methods and cannot find the right way to maintain it.

One way to achieve long lasting results is to rethink your approach to dieting. Many have experienced on a difficult path to an ideal figure that a uniform diet and a "crash" diet (below 1200kcal) do not work. Not only have you lost motivation but you have failed to take in important vitamins and minerals which will have a bad effect on your overall health and psyche. With the experience and advice needed to build awareness of healthy eating, we can help you lose weight and maintain health and good looks.

Proper Nutrition Can Help Complete the Transformation

Cool-sculpting generally targets and removes 20 to 50 percent of excess fat from the body, which for the clients we serve, is incredibly beneficial. You’ll be able to move easier and live life on your terms.

However, if you are overweight, we advise you to consult a nutritionist who will make it especially for you. personalized diet plan koji će Vama dati najbolje i najbrže rezultate. Vaš indvidualni plan je zasnovan na Vašoj trenutnoj kilaži, željenoj kilaži i načinu života (how much you move, sleep, what you like or don't like to eat, whether you prepare food or mostly eat in restaurants).

The diet plan consists of 5 daily meals and includes all 7 food groups in a certain percentage, except for foods consisting of simple sugars. This allows you to feel full as your metabolism gets faster and better, which is crucial for eliminating fat cells after cryolipolysis treatment.

When you use our services, in addition to achieving the desired weight, you will notice several things:
  1. you will notice that you look and feel better, which means that you achieve real, lasting results
  2. you will have a faster and better metabolism
  3. digestive problems are a thing of the past
  4. you will learn how to make healthy choices in the future
  5. you will definitely be ready for the summer season in time
The effect of cryolipolysis is threefold if you are on our diet plan. Cryolipolysis is what allows you to eliminate fat cells in problem regions. You may be one of the people who loses fat on the wrong parts of the body during the diet.

You may want to eliminate "belly fat", but in the process of losing weight, your legs lose weight first? Cryolipolysis specifically eliminates fat deposits in the regions that are most difficult to form.

If you are still wondering why you should do cryolipolysis treatment if you are on a changed diet or why you would change your diet if you are doing cryolipolysis treatment:

Weight gain or loss in adults is associated with a change in the size of the fat cells – also called Adipocytes – that create fat deposits in the body.

Children, on the other hand, can gain fat by increasing the total number of fat cells in their body. By combining collected data from children, it has been proved that the average number of fat cells increases until the age of 20, then remains relatively constant and is closely associated with the body mass index. Researchers also examined 20 obese individuals undergoing gastric reduction surgery to reduce food intake. When they re-examined these volunteers two years after the procedure, they found no reduction in the number of fat cells: the subjects still had more than 80 billion body fat cells, the team calculated, although they had lost an average of 18% of their weight. Rather, the volume of individual fat cells was reduced, not the number.

Cryolipolysis solves the problem of elevated fat cell counts, so that with the help of modern cooling technology it leads to apoptosis (natural cell death), so it eliminates them naturally. If a person practices an unhealthy diet after treatment, untreated fat cells may increase (by storing fat) and the effect of cryolipolysis will not be seen or fat deposits on untreated parts of the body will increase as is known after liposuction.

Cool-sculpting is extremely helpful if you’re on diet, because it enables you to eliminate the most complicated areas during treatment. When you are on diet, you might be losing weight in the wrong areas. Maybe you’d like to eliminate your belly but you are not succeeding, and lose mostly on legs and arms. That belly fat can be reduced and even eliminated using cool-sculpting.

* depending on the thickness of fat deposits and the number of treatments required


Cryolipolisis derived from Greek, κρύος – kryos” – ice and “λίπα- lipa” which means fat and “λύσις .lysis” meaning dissolvent. Cryolipolysis is a cosmetical treatment that removes fat by freezing. The method involves controlled application of cooling within the temperature range of -11 to +5 °C for the non-invasive, localized reduction of fat deposits, intending to reshape the contours of the body. The degree of exposure to cooling causes cell death of subcutaneous fat tissue, without apparent damage to the overlying skin. It appears primarily applicable to limited discrete fat bulges. As such this method is the most efficient non- invasive treatment for steady fat reduction.

Recent studies show that fat cells do not tolerate the cold and comparing to other tissues, they react much faster once undergoing freezing process. These facts are being used by cryolipolysis. During cryolipolysis treatment, tissue has been exposed to low temperatures. Apoptosis is activated in fat cells (controlled fat dissolution) and it takes a week until the body deconstructs fat cells after the treatment. The result will be equal reduction of fat surface on treated body areas.

The aim of cryolipolysis is to cause controlled death of fat cells on certain body parts. Exposure to cold leads to apostosis (programmed death of cells) and that one leads to liberation of cykotyne and other inflammatory mediators. Few weeks after the treatment, cell lipids are being slowly deconstructed and go through lymph system for further processing. During such process, there are no changes manifested in blood of the body fat percentage nor in the function of kidney.

No. Skin cells, muscles cells and nerve cells remain intact while treated. Lipids within fat cells are much more sensitive to cold than cells of other tissues. It is well known that lipids are becoming crystalized on temperatures from 12 °C.

The coolsculpting treatment has a strange feeling but not an unpleasant one. Once you have undergone a treatment, you can return to your daily duties. As such treatment does not require any relief, you can even practice sports if you like.

Clinical studies show that Coolsculpting treatment leads to substantial loss of fat tissue in the period of 2 to 4 months after a single treatment. Few weeks after a treatment, it may show the reduction of fat layers from 25-40-%. That means reduction of a treated area from 2-6 after a single treatment. Results are always individual and depend on bulk’s fat layers as well as on the treated areas. Diet plays a crucial role for improving those results. If one eats healthy and dietary, results can even prove twice better. In case one practices unhealthy nutrition, cryo-effect won’t be missing but results will be overlaid with bulked fat cells, that are not covered in a first treatment.

No, Coosculpting leads to a step by step fat cell reduction on treated skin areas. Skin has enough time to react properly and recover. A dissolute skin one gets only by fast and heavy weight of loss.

No, Coolsculpting does not lead to weight loss. Coolsculpting reduces fat layer on treated areas. This result is not being measured in kilograms but in centimeters. In case you have a problem with obesity, then the right medicine is a healthy diet and nutrition. Coolsculpting reduces fat layers on areas that are difficult to shape by taking a diet or practicing sports.

Cryo-Center is a specialized center in cryolipolysis treatments, and we are experienced in working with clients for 4 years. We have been equipped with the cutting edge cryo machine – a 5th generation 4D-product with the largest applicators (that can treat the largest possible skin surfaces) with different shapes, making individual approach to each client as well on the areas being treated. As the only beauty salon in the region, we also have an applicator that makes treatment of chins possible.

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