Join Our Franchise and Establish
a Successful Business

At Cryo Center, we partner with entrepreneurs and help them open their own Cryo Center. 

Through our powerful CoolSculpting franchise opportunity, you can look forward to an easy-to-roll out business model that will set you up for success. 

We Provide You Everything You Need to Maximize Your Business Growth Potential

When you buy our Cryolipolisys Franchise, we will give you all the tools, material, and resources you need to successfully establish your business, 

run it efficiently and keep it lucrative. 

Access To Our Business Model

We will give you unrestricted access to our effective CoolSculpting business model which details the best way to utilize the resources you have to the fullest extent and get a competitive edge in the market. 

Our business model was specially designed to make it easier to get your business up and running in no time and get high returns on your investment, allowing you to unlock a high earning potential.

Comprehensive Training Programs

At Cryo Center, we train all our franchisees to ensure that they understand both the business and operational aspects of their newly established CoolSculpting business. 

From good business practices and legal compliance regulations to employee policies and more, we equip you with all the knowledge you need to ensure that you run your business smoothly.

Marketing Tools

To ensure that you attract clients to your CoolSculpting franchise, we will give you access to effective marketing tools, guaranteed to accelerate your business when used the right way. 

As a result, you can look forward to getting a steady stream of clients and sustaining your business beyond the foreseeable future.

Customer Handling Training

While attracting clients will benefit your CoolSculpting franchise, providing them with a phenomenal customer experience will increase your retention rates and promote your business by word of mouth.

We will teach you customer handling skills to ensure that your clients will have high customer satisfaction rates, allowing you to maintain the high standards of service our CoolSculpting brand is renowned for.

Additional Supporting Resources

To ensure that you hit the ground running when you open your CoolSculpting franchise, we will provide you with additional resources. 

These will help you ensure that your business offers your customers a high-value proposition in service while keeping your employees motivated.

Lifetime Support

When you take advantage of our CoolSculpting franchise opportunity, we will provide you with our unwavering support and help you in all aspects of your business when you need us. 

Our team will always respond to your queries and address all your concerns at fast turnarounds to help you keep your business running seamlessly.

How It Works

We take a total approach to help you establish your business from the ground up and keep it ahead of the curve in the market. 

Discover our 5-step process to opening your own Cryo Center establishment. 

1. Reach Out to Us

Fill in our inquiry form to let us know of your interest in our Cryolipolysis franchise opportunity.

2. We Schedule an Interview with You

We will set up a meeting with you to tell you more about our business in-depth and explain how it works.

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3. The Application Process

Should you decide to buy our franchise after learning more, you can commence the application process and our team will go through it to see if you are a good fit.

4. You Start Setting Things Up

Once your application is approved, we will go through all the paperwork and once you sign the necessary documents, you can start setting up your establishment.

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5. We Give You the Training You Need to Get Started

We will give you all the training you need to bridge the skill gap in your workforce and teach you how you can operate all aspects of your business effectively.

Why Choose Cryo-Center


Low Competition in The Market

While the popularity of Cryolipolysis in Serbia continues to grow exponentially, not many businesses offer this service. 

As a result, you will instantly gain a competitive edge in the market.



Start Earning as Soon as You Start

We empower you with the knowledge and skill you need to hit the ground running and coupled with the goodwill our 

Cryo-Center brand carries, you are guaranteed to start earning as soon as you open.


Run Your Business, Your Way

We give you the freedom to establish and run your business on your terms, 

giving you full control over all its aspects while allowing you to be independent.


Zero Risks of Failure

We have a proven system that works, allowing you to eliminate the guesswork in running your business 

while avoiding costly mistakes associated with starting a new business.


We Are Committed to Your Success

Because it’s our name you take, your success is our success. We will always provide you with the support you need and help you 

deal with any possible competition so you can stay ahead of the curve.


make a positive change.

Buying our CoolSculpting franchise is not only a lucrative business investment that gives you high returns, 

but it is a positive work field that gives you a rewarding experience each time you help a client make a positive change.

Ready To Become Part of Our Franchise?


Since 2015, we have provided our clients with quality CoolSculpting services in Serbia and build a loyal customer base with high retention rates. By becoming a part of Cryo Center, you will benefit from our Goodwill and high customer retention rates, allowing you to profit from your business as soon as you establish it and get returns on your investment quickly. 


Let’s Get Started

Connect with us by filling in the Cryo Center Franchise Enquiry Form below to learn more about our cool sculpting franchise opportunities in Serbia and beyond. One of our team members will be in touch with you soon.